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280 Watt Solar Panel OP

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Air Mass of 1.5


POLY-156mm Solar cells PS7A-280 PS7A-285 PS7A-285

Nominal peak power(Pmax) 280Wp 285Wp 290Wp

Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 35.2V 35.76V 36.35V

Maximum power current(Imp) 7.95A 7.97A 7.98A

Short-circuit current(Isc) 8.43A 8.45A 8.46A

Open circuit voltage(Voc) 43.8V 44.49V 45.1V

Optimized cell efficiency(η) 16.80% 17.00% 17.20%


Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C

Maximum system voltage

(IEC/UL standard) 1000VDC/600VDC


NOCT 48°C±2°C

Current temperature coefficient %/°C 0.09

Voltage temperature coefficient %/°C -0.43

Power temperature coefficient %/°C -0.43

NOCT:Nominal Operation Cell Temperature


Number of cells and type of connection 72

Cell Temperature of 25°C

Guaranteed Power Output

Warranted Tolerance: ±5%

Impact Resistance Can bear the force that is generated by one 227g


Certificates UL1703/CSA