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Bottom Feeder 40000 Gallon Pond Solar Pump and Filter System

Made in America: $1,889.00
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Savior Bottom Feeder 40,000 Gallon Pond Pump and Filter System: The patent pending Bottom Feeder Pond Filter is needed because of the overwhelming expense you're spending on pumping and filtering your pond water. The Bottom Feeder Pond Filter isn't just different; it's a better way to filter your pond. The Bottom Feeder finally gives you an opportunity to turn off your inefficient, noisy, and expensive to operate pond equipment... and it reduces your pollution which is better for our planet. The Bottom Feeder 40,000 Gallon Pond Pump and Filter System pumps up to 40,000 gallons a day through (3) three reusable filter cartridges. The Bottom Feeder Pond Filter is EASY and requires less maintenance than your existing pond filter.

1-year limited warranty

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    Efficient Solar Powered Pond Filter

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2013

    This solar powered pond filter is efficient and quiet. It is easier to maintain than traditional pumps and ends up costing you a lot less over a few months. This is a great alternative to your noisy traditional pumps.