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Savior Attachment Aerator Attachment

Made in America: $84.00
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With the Savior Aerator Attachment: Aerate and Circulate your water while saving money and energy Attachments: Ozone, Water Heater, Bottom Air Tubing and more Elimination of expansion of oxygenated habitat and ecosystem 100% Solar Powered with wind, battory & 110v Hybrid options Can be mounted at variable water depths and mix deep water Excellent for Custom horizontal & verticalwater circulation Great for keeping ice off ponds and preventing winter kills Pays you to own it, from dollars a day to thousands a year Decrease the severity of algae blooms and algae die-offs Shift the level of carbon dioxide by venting it into the air Reduction of mosquito and aquatic midgen infestations Improving fish health, fish growth and fish survival Reducing nutrient levels and associated algal growth Eliminate the need to connect to electrical grids Preservation of a aesthetically pleasing aquascape Eliminate the potential for Spring and Fall turnover Prevent wither kills caused by low oxygen levels Inhibit Excessive Growth of Algae & Aquatic Plants stimulate the natural aerobic digestion process Elimination of foul odors from undesirable gases Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem Fish farms for emergency aeration, circulation Thermally and chemically destratify the water Control of thermal and chemical stratification. Speed up the rate of organic decomposition Can cause directional flow while aerating Cause directional flow to address dead spots The ability to angle the return water flow Natural look to the pond or body of water No electricity is required for remote areas Elimination of oxygen related fish kills Eliminate electrical installation costs Heat the water in the fish hatcheries Elimination of thermal stratification Visually pleasing piece of equipment Excellent for causing water movement Allow for greater densities of fish Reduction of organic bottom sediment Increase fish density and health. Back yard ponds for algae control Increased dissolved oxygen levels Improves Fish Health & Survival Reduce the amount of phosphorus Improve overall water quality Most efficient surface aerator Increase Fish & Aquatic Life Improve Dissolved Oxygen Ideal for all sized ponds Portable and lightweight Decrease Offensive Odors Vent off unwanted gases Improved water quality Reduce chemical costs Improve Water Quality Enhance Water Clarity Reduce Bottom Sludge Enhances Fish Growth Reduces Fish Stress Made in the U.S.A.

1-year limited warranty