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Savior Floating Solar Thermal Water Heater Kit - Made in the USA!

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Savior Floating Solar Thermal Water Heater Kit - Made in the USA!

Savior Floating Solar Thermal Water Heater Kit = 3 10'x2' Thermal Water Heater Panels and Pool Return Line Connection Kit.

Capable of 61,680 btu per day and heating water up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit at 2 GPM


x 1  Thermal Water Heater Panel = 20,560 btu per day = 250 watts - Size 10'x2' = 20 sq ft.
x 2  Thermal Water Heater Panels = 41,120 btu per day = 500 watts - Size 10'x4' = 40 sq ft.
x 3  Thermal Water Heater Panels = 61,680 btu per day = 750 watts - Size 10'x6' = 60 sq ft.
x 4  Thermal Water Heater Panels = 82,240 btu per day = 1000 watts - Size 10'x8' = 80 sq ft.


Customer Mary review... on 6-10-17

"OMG. I just got home after being gone all morning. I let the water exiting the panels drain into a bucket so I can check temp.

Water in pool is 83.5.

Water in that bucket is 114.2@

And because I can control each of three return lines separately and have variable speed motor, it's working great while my keep Krauly cleaner is also running.

Oh and if it matters the air temp is 92 right now."


Customer Bill review... on 6-13-17

I think your product is great, obviously warmer water comes out.


Review From:

What is the Best Floating Solar Pool Heater?

Prior to recently, we honestly had mixed views about floating solar pool heaters. Until the Natural Current came onto the market, the only options available were passive solar rings made from UV-resistant vinyl. Sure, these worked okay but hardly deserved mention as a pool heating solution.

Today, however, floating solar pool heaters like the Natural Current are totally changing the game. 

When it comes to versatility and cutting-edge technology, the Natural Current is the best solar pool heater on the market today.

Natural Current Solar Pool Heaters – Unlike the other solar pool heater brands, Natural Current specializes in making an innovative floating solar pool heater capable of doing much more than simply warming water by a few degrees. Setting the bar in pool heating innovation, the folks at Natural Current are quickly making a name for themselves in the solar pool heating industry.


Calculating BTU Requirements:

A BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. Since a gallon of water
weighs 8.34 pounds, the gallon per minute flow rate can be converted to pounds for the specified time use, and then converted back to BTU. As
an example, the BTU use of a 15-minute shower with a 2.5 GPM showerhead can be calculated as follows:

The amount of heat required = Water Volume (lb) x Temperature rise (°F) x 1 Btu/lb°F

Water Volume (lb) = 2.5 gal/min x 15 min x 8.34 lb/gal = 313 lb

Temperature rise from 50°F to 105°F = 55°F (assuming an average shower temperature of 105°F)

The amount of heat required = 313 lb x 55°F = 17,215 BTU required to raise 313lb of 50°F water up to 105°F

If the gas water heater efficiency is 68%, then there would be 25,316 BTU (17,215/0.68) required from the heating source to supply the thermal
energy for this 15-minute shower. At a cost of $1.10 per ccf (103,000 BTU), the water heating cost for this 15-minute shower is approximately



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