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Savior Ozone Aerator Pump Filter Pool Spa Pond 10000 Gallon 60-watt Solar Powered System

Made in America: $895.00
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Savior Solar Ozone Aerator Pool Savior 10,000 Gallon Pool and Spa Pump and Filter System: With the Savior Ozone Attachment you will have a system with a "patented" Corona Discharge Ozone Generator. With the SaviorO3 there are no plumbing, electrical hook-ups or energy consumption. The SaviorO3 pumps and filters your swimming pool water while saving money and energy AND it also produces ozone better than all other style ozonators available today. With SaviorO3 you'll enjoy automatic and completely maintenance free operation. SaviorO3 has the longest lifespan of any ozone generator on the market. The SaviorO3 is suitable for all types of swimming pools and spas. SaviorO3 with the power of the sun oxidizes soap, deodorant, hair spray, cologne, makeup, perfume, body lotion, hand cream, sun tan lotion, saliva, and urine. SaviorO3 also helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses and helps to oxidize organic contaminants. SaviorO3 frees up chlorine and bromine, thus freeing them to be continuously reused. SaviorO3 ultimately enhances the performance of chlorine and bromine as well as alternative sanitizer systems. SaviorO3 not only destroys microorganisms, it also breaks down harmful chemicals, and causes total dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by the filter. The result is water which is cleaner and smoother feeling to the skin. SaviorO3 also helps prevent the calcium in water to fight those white calcium waterlines on your tile, this is also good for your equipment. SaviorO3 has no limits for its use. You can now experience the health and purity of ozonated water in your pool or spa. With the SaviorO3, water is treated up to three thousand times faster without undesirable by-products such as chloramines and bromamines (created by use of traditional chlorine and bromine chemicals) SaviorO3 is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool or spa for the cleanest water possible, and also reduces the demand for chemicals by up to 40% to 100%. SaviorO3's primary by-product is life-giving OXYGEN!

1-year limited warranty