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Savior Cleaner Suction 60-watt Solar Pool Cleaner

Made in America: $1,399.00
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The Savior Automatic Pool Bottom Surface Cleaner and Top Surface Skimmer Combo 60-watt Solar Pool Cleaner is the only 100% solar powered pool bottom and surface cleaner for your pool in the World. You'll never have to run you?re expensive to run and fix pool equipment for pool cleaning again. Savior automatic pool cleaner provides you with energy free operation. And because Savior Cleaner works from the power of the sun your existing filtration system never needs to run for cleaning and skimming. The Savior Surface pool cleaner also improves water circulation pulling water from the top and bottom of your pool as it moves. Your water circulates much better and your pool stays cleaner - without the overuse of chemical sanitizers. The Savior also help eliminate manual skimming because it catch debris before it sinks, reducing the requirement to vacuum. And it's from Natural Current, the company that engineered your off-grid future of pool cleaning, filtering, lighting and sanitation.

1-year limited warranty