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Savior Spa Cover Standard Custom OP

Made in America: $1,399.00
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The Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover is simply the most powerful alternative spa cover and water treatment system you can buy in the World, which runs for free off the sun. And are the most durable and best-insulated hot tub covers you can buy in the World. Our Spa Covers will never hold water because we don?t and never will use EPS form. We use closed cell crosslink plastic and foam that no one offers in a spa cover industry. Your Spa can now live off-grid and still get filtered, sanitized and heated like never before from just the sun light. The Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover can: Pump all your water a few times a day, Filter at 5 microns, Sanitize via Ozone, UV light, Ionizes, Salt Cell System, Bromine Generator and with Ultrasonic sound waves. Heat your water up to 104 degrees via our Electric Solar Heater and Thermal Heater attachments. Full controls via WiFi or with your cell phone anywhere in the World. Now you can control the Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover lights, change colors, and know if the spa in being used or opened by the Alarm. And most of all know your chemicals and the temp via your connected phone or other. With our Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover we offer outside lights and wireless and USB charger for outside needs. All is powered by our solar panels, depending on the options you select we can use 10w, 20w, 30w 60w, 120w up to 240watt. And if I have to we can offer you side solar paneling around the Spa base. Now, are you ready for it?