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Savior UV Ultraviolet Pool Sanitation Disinfection Systems 250-watt Solar Powered 60,000 Gallon OP

Made in America: $2,999.00
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The Savior UV Ultraviolet Pool Sanitation Disinfection Systems 220-watt Solar Powered 60,000 Gallon can reduce the chemicals required to sanitize your pool, spa or pond water up to 90% and take control of your chemical cost. The 100% solar powered Natural Current Savior UV System is the way for a chlorine-free water equipment and is fully compatible with all pumps, filters, and salt water pools. Savior UV systems can give you healthier water and eliminate up to 90% of chlorine and nearly 100% of chlorine side effects. Savior Ultraviolet systems reduces harsh chemicals to safe levels commonly found in drinking water, only .3 - .5 ppm. Savior UV for pools and spas frees your family of burning eyes, skin irritations, foul chemical odours, bleached hair, and chlorine allergies.