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SunRay Brushless Surface Motor 3HP 3000RPM 56C Frame 240VDC

Made in America: $977.00
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Brushless Surface Motor, 3HP, 3000RPM, 56C Frame, 240VDC




Motor Horse Power: 3.5
DC Voltage Range: 120-240
Full Load RPM: 3350
Motor Efficiency: 90%
Max Load Current: 12.5 Amps
Weight (Motor Only): 20.4 Lbs. (9.25 kg.)




Product Details

SunRay sensorless brushless DC surface motors incorporate the latest in high efficiency, permanent magnet, sensorless brushless DC technology. The motor windings are epoxy sealed and has a 316 stainless steel motor shaft. The motor housing are extruded aluminum and then anodized to be corrosion resistant. They have a standard 56C frame with a 5/8" shaft, sealed bearings and has a removable foot mount. There are many models to choose from starting a 1/2 HP 24 VDC up to a 3 HP 240 VDC. 

The motors require a SunRay PCA or PCC Sensorless Brushless DC Controller. These conrollers incorporate the latest state of the art technology. They are micro-processor based and have MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking to keep the solar array operating at peak efficiency point at all times. The control box is powder coated, die-cast aluminum with an extra large heat sink and rated for outdoor use.




1-year limited warranty