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SunRay Solar Controller DC- SOLFLO Pump Motor Showing Data - GPM - Head - Volts - numbers with ie =-PCA-30M1D

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Solar Pump Controller PCA-30M1D (For SDS Series Pumps)



Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs




Max Load Power: 150 watts
Max Load Current: 5 amps
Max Open Circuit Voltage: 45 volts
Max Regulated Output Voltage: 30




Product Details

SunRay PCA series pump controllers are high quality, micro-processor controlled DC power converters designed as the interface between a DC powered pump and the power source. The main purpose of a PC series controller is to maximize the total daily water delivery while providing protection for the pump as well as the power source.

One of the features of a pump controller is to boost the current of solar modules in low sunlight conditions while holding the voltage of the solar modules around the maximum power point. This allows a pump to start earlier in the morning and stay running longer in the evening. All PC series controllers include a pump speed control circuit, a remote switch circuit, a sensor-less low water cut-off circuit, an electronic circuit breaker and indicator lights.

SunRay PCA 30-M1D controller is made for the SunRay SDS series pumps and will regulate the output voltage to 30 VDC maximum. This protects the pump from running faster than the design point. The enclosure is made from Delrin, a very strong, impact resistant thermoplastic. 

CAUTION: Do not use more than a 200 watt of solar array or it may overheat the controller as it regulates the output voltage.




1-year limited warranty