SunRay Solar Controller DC- SOLFLO Pump Motor Showing Data - GPM - Head - Volts - numbers with ie =-PCC-48BLS-M2

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PCC-48BLS-M2, Brushless Motor Controller (For 48V Battery Systems Only)



Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs




Nominal Voltage Range: 48-52
Max Voltage Input: 63.9
Low Battery Voltage: 47
Dead Battery Shut-Down Voltage: 44
Max Load Current: 40 Amps




Product Details

SunRay battery powered brushless DC pumps and PCC series Sensorless Brushless DC pump controllers are the key components to high quality battery powered pumping systems. Their stand-alone, pollution free and low noise operation makes them an ideal solution for remote homes, irrigation projects, and wildlife and stock watering without violating the environment.

The PCC-BLS series controllers are microprocessor based solid state DC power converters designed as the interface between a battery bank and a three phase sensorless brushless DC pump motor. The purpose of the controller is to operate the high efficiency, high reliability DC motor and maximize the total daily water output while providing protection for the pump as well as providing an interface with other related pumping system equipment. NOTE: Three phase brushless DC motors cannot be run from a battery bank without a brushless DC controller.

The controller is mounted in a high quality, powder coated, cast aluminum enclosure rated for outdoor use.




1-year limited warranty