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SunRay Solar Submersible Pump- SOLFLO Pump Motor Showing Data - GPM - Head - Volts - numbers with ie =-SCS 87-70-240 BL OP

Made in America: $2,618.00
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SCS 87-70-240 BL

Solar Submersible Pump, 87GPM, 70FT Head, 240VDC, Brushless Motor



Shipping Weight: 43.00 lbs




Flow Range: 45-120 GPM (170-455 LPM)
Controller: 45-92 Ft. (14-28 Mt.)
Controller: 180-240
Controller: PCC-240-BLS-M2S
Minimum Well Diameter: 6" (150mm)
Discharge Size: 3" NPT




Product Details

SunRay SCS series 6" diameter submersibles are high quality, maintenance-free, DC powered pumps specifically made for water delivery in remote locations. The 240 volt SCS pump systems operate between 1200 to 3000 watts of DC power with voltage choices ranging from 180 to 240.

The submersible motors incorporate the latest in high efficiency, permanent magnet, sensorless brushless DC technology and there are no electronics inside the motor. They are constructed of corrosion resistant, stainless steel.

The pump ends are multi-stage centrifugals constructed of stainless steel. The impellers are wear resistant glass filled, engineered composite and are resistant to mineral and algae deposits. The bowls are constructed of stainless steel for strength and abrasive resistance.

SunRay SCS series pumps can be installed below the water level in a water well, lake, river, or cistern. They can be used to fill an open tank or used to pressurize water systems.

SunRay PCC Sensorless Brushless DC Controllers incorporate the latest state of art technology. The controllers are micro-processor based and have MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking to keep the solar array operating at peak efficiency at all times. The control box is powder coated, die-cast aluminum with an extra large heat sink and rated for outdoor use.