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Water FloatNoodles Savior - 72 Inches Long by 4 Inches by 4 Inches - 72x4x4

Made in America: $99.00
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EVA Water Sports noodle is more buoyancy for more support and more resistance than other noodles. Our Noodles are made in the U.S.A. With no harmful chemicals. Designed for the beach, swimming pool, light sabers, toys, workouts, and dozens of other uses for craft projects.

  • 72inches long 4inches wide 4inches high
  • Made from the same high quality EVA foam as the Water Mats
  • Soft to the touch and does not irritate skin
  • Closed cell foam is non-absorbent and dries fast
  • Long lasting and durable
  • More buoyancy than other noodles
  • Versatile design for a full workout
  • A fun toy for children of all ages
  • Soft, closed cell, vinyl-coated foam
  • No Inflating Required
  • Great for the Pool, Lake or Beach
  • Made in USA

Use your noodle. Use our Noodle!

Seriously, our Noodle is different. A professional version of the popular pool float, our Noodle is made of the same premium quality EVA Foam as our Water Mats. Our noodle is designed to safely support an adult in the water and provide the level of resistance necessary for effective upper body conditioning.

1-year limited warranty