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WoW Shoes Lift and Water Traction Kit Attchment OP

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With the WoW Shoes Lift and Water Traction Kit Attchment adjest your WoW Shoes. Yes, now you can walk On water with the wOw Shoes from Natural Current. (Patent Pending) Note: if you are over 115 lbs. and not over 300 lbs. these are the wOw Shoes for you. Walk on the Lakes, Rivers, the Ocean and Swimming Pools? 70% of the World is now open for travel. Kid and Adults, Boys and Girls? if you are under 115 pounds you can walk across water environments just like that one guy. 1. Walk On The Water 2. Work On The Water 2. Play On The Water 3. Exercise On The Water 5. Sport Training On The Water 6. New Aqua Lacrosse Sport Game 7. Feet Life Preserver Device - Keeps your body out of the ice cold water. 8. Water Work Environments 9. Recreational Environments 10. Opens up another 70% of the World to walk around.