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SunRay SolFlo1 Solar Powered Pond Pumps - 24/7 Operation and Aeration - Made in the USA

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The SunRay SolFlo 1 Solar-Powered Pond Pump is recommended for use with a 3,000 to 30,000 gallon swimming pool, spa, pond or open water environmentLike the other products in the SolFlo line, this system is designed to be off the grid, effectively moving water using solar power. Includes very quiet brush-type motor. Purchase with (2) to (6) 30-Volt solar panels wired in series to pump up to 100 gallons per minute. 


  • Solar-powered system saves energy costs and reduces pollution 
  • Ideal for bodies of water 3,000-30,000 gallons 
  • Quiet brush-type motor 
  • Available in 60-volt to 180-volt solar systems, complete with panels 



  • Maximum Flow Rate: 100 GPM 
  • Pressure: 60’ head 
  • Voltage: 90 VDC  

60-Volt Solar System  

  • Solar Panels: (2) 30-Volt panels 
  • Volume Filtration: Up to 20,000 gallons 
  • Flow Rate: Up to 60 GPM  

90-Volt Solar System 

  • Solar Panels: (3) 30-Volt panels 
  • Volume Filtration: Up to 30,000 gallons 
  • Flow Rate: Up to 100 GPM 

180-Volt Solar System

  • Solar Panels: (6) 30-Volt panels 
  • Volume Filtration: Up to 30,000 gallons